22. A dream is a Wish your Heart Makes

Looking through the photos when we got home a memory was triggered; as we admired the stunning Chagall stained glass window in Chichester Cathedral, I had felt compelled…..

21. The Fear VS The Hope

“Fear can very much be the lead emotion. But at what point do we allow Hope the opportunity to shine?”

20. Dear Anna,

and when I woke a few hours later,  I knew something was different in the world

18. My Body Positivity Tag….

As you will see below, the truly wonderful Big Purple Duck decided to have a shot at helping us women to realise how incredible our bodies are in the wake of a “large nipple” article. I told her how proud I am of her for doing this and how empowered I felt…..I volunteered to do my own….here it is…..(eek)

17. On the 9th, 10th & 11th days of Christmas Insulin pumping gave to me….

The only thing I’ll add, is that when you look into the subject of Netflix and chilling or Amazon and hot water bottling; whatever you kids are calling it these days, with Diabetes in mind, turn to the Diabetes Online Community on Social Media (Twitter in particular – they love an opportunity for innuendo over there).

14. On the Fourth Day of Christmas….

….I concluded that I am beginning anew and it’s OK to be nervous as heck….. Literally tomorrow will take me to the beginning of a new path of my Diabetes journey. It’ll be a beginning that perhaps should have happened a long time ago, I suspect at least a decade ago would have been appropriate….

13. On the Third Day of Christmas…

…I reflected and put the tree up…. After another night of not much sleep, I had to choose whether to play snooze catch up or try to have a productive day. I chose productive, not least because it would help the time till Matt gets back go quicker; we’ve a super festive Sunday planned and…

12. On the Second Day of Christmas….

….I had a little panic… …I will have an Insulin Pump by the time my little sister celebrates her time of birth on Monday 5th December 2016 (this isn’t a “thing” by the way. Because she was born at 11pm or thereabouts, we do let her have the whole day). It seems to have happened…

11. “On the First day of Christmas….

…as I cleaned my new love’s kitchen, the ping of an email did chime… …I picked up my phone and I watched as it delivered, a message from my DSN… …Greetings young Niki I hope this finds you well? I’ve something for your festive diary… …On the fifth day of Christmas the NHS will give…