What does discombobulated mean? To me, it’s a sense of being disconnected, adrift, frustrated……mostly with life, mine in particular at times. Above everything else though, I kind of like the word; meaning aside, it tickles me, I’m amused by it. In my mind I see an image of a skeleton whose bones are in the wrong place, trying to walk in a straight line, but instead going round in circles like a drunk person concentrating too hard on a roadside sobriety test.

I’ve been working very hard on becoming not discombobulated, a challenge which I will share with you throughout this blog.

In addition on 15th May 2001, I was told I had Diabetes. My first blog post is about my diagnosis and, as I call it, Diabetic Infancy. It’s not been an easy journey, and I am unfortunately not alone in the experiences I’ve had but I fought hard to get to where I am with it now, fifteen years later. I hope that by writing about it and sharing it, I may be able to help at least one person have the right experience of being diagnosed. The additional motivator is to raise awareness of how I’ve got the right help and support, and to dispel some of the stereotypes surrounding Diabetes – Type 1 specifically.

Thanks for reading.

Niki x

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